Liquidation Denier Smartly Takes His Name Out Of The Celtic Job Running.

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Breathe a sigh of relief, folks, as one of the more obvious candidates for the Celtic job ruled himself out today.

Paul Lambert has said he wants to keep his relationship with the fans exactly how it is.

I actually don’t particularly like him, but on this one if on little else I have to give him full marks for being right.

My own personal views on him are complicated by the fact he’s earned a reputation over the last couple of years as someone who’s opinions fly in the face of much of what the support believes.

Listen, I will never forget what Lambert did for us as a player but he’s grotesquely out of touch with the support on major issues. He is one of the leading advocates of the Survival Lie, which is why this blog calls him a “liquidation denier.”

What’s worse is that he seems to believe he has a right to tell the world that a lot of Celtic fans are as well.

Speak for your own mates, Mr, cause nobody I know believes in it.

Being honest, Lambert was never in the running. Not because of his ideas and opinions and the way they clash with so many of ours, but because Lambert simply isn’t that great a manager.

I once thought he might be a dark horse candidate, but I’m not proud of it.

His win record is just over 30%, a ratio which he’s secured at an eye watering nine clubs in fifteen years.

Honestly, I will sleep a bit better knowing that he’s not up for it because it stops some lunatic on our board offering it to him, but if I thought it remotely likely that Lambert would have been considered a contender I wouldn’t be sleeping anyway.

Lambert is definitely right about what he said today; he’s better remembered as a player, and as a player he’s one of the best it’s been my privilege to watch in a Celtic shirt.

When I wrote my piece on the Lennon Cult yesterday this is the kind of thing I meant; no more heroes, please Celtic.

Let us have our good memories of them just as they are.

For once Lambert has said something that I agree with.

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