One Striker And Christie Up Front. How Long Must Celtic Fans Endure This?

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Neil Lennon has four strikers at Celtic.

If they aren’t all fit this deep into February then something is wrong beyond the players.

Tonight, and for the umpteenth time this season, we are in the ridiculous position of acting as though Odsonne Edouard is our only available forward. Ryan Christie plays up front alongside him also for the umpteenth time.

And for the umpteenth time I’ll say this; it is ridiculous and 99 times out 100 it does not work.

There are games in which Edouard or Christie play well in this partnership and even times when our midfielder scores the odd goal. But it is absolutely worthless when playing against any side which knows how to defend.

Lennon never seems to learn this.

This is another example of the manager being shameless and arrogant.

Fans are sick and tired of this.

We also have Brown back in the team again although Soro has not put a foot wrong.

Who is the future of this team? Which of them is the player in his last campaign with Celtic, and a contract running down? Who is the young footballer who is the only defensive midfielder we’ll have on the books come the next campaign?

It is tiresome writing this stuff. I cannot be bothered with it.

Lennon does the same things over and over again.

That team tonight is comprised of enough attacking midfielders – but no wingers – to augment Edouard and win us the game; that’s not the point. It’s more reliance on individual skill than any form of tactics.

That team selection is a mess.

A half decent European team would take that side apart.

It is hopelessly top heavy with players who play in the hole and there’s only room for one of them.

McGregor will play wide left; he, at least, spent part of his career there. Tom Rogic wide right? Ridiculous.

This is a manager who makes it up as he goes.

There is no strategy behind this any more than there is at the club itself.

Yes, I expect us to win … we’ve got too many individual talents not to.

But I can’t keep watching this stuff. I can’t keep reading team selections that look like this, where the system is all over the place and the personnel seem like they were picked out of a hat.

This is a shambles and the sooner it ends the better, although I still fear we are a very long way from that.

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