Open Season On Celtic Players As Devante Cole Is Cleared In Soro Case.

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Well, folks, there it is. Devante Cole will face no retrospective action in spite of his thuggish assault on Ismaili Soro.

What happened?

Did the SFA committee watch the BBC highlights package, scratch their heads and wonder what we were all on about? Or did the three refs who saw contact and still thought Ajeti dived get drafted in for this one as well?

Either way, it’s open season on Celtic players with the governing body saying that these sorts of lunges on our players are perfectly fine or, at most, worthy only of yellows.

You cease to be even surprised by this kind of nonsense, and we have the Ajeti verdict still to look forward to today. You wonder if that will go our way having heard this.

To not even give Motherwell the difficult choice of contesting a “case to answer” is lamentable.

Assaults on our players is going to be the norm now.

You can’t get sent off for them, after all, and now not even the SFA fast-track panel is to be feared.

In much the same way as the Ibrox club has a license to commit vicious fouls during the 90 minutes the amnesty against players who subject Celtic stars to the same now reaches beyond the matches themselves.

They say that referees are human and that they don’t have the benefit of hindsight when it comes to making critical decisions. But how do you explain a decision like this, when the panels have access to numerous TV angles and replays?

How except to say that the SFA reeks from top to bottom, that it’s more in need of reform than it ever was, that the introduction of VAR is a must, that a register of referees interests is essential and that Celtic surely cannot take much more of this?

This verdict is a travesty.

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