So Are Celtic Fans Now Waiting For The February Review, Or What?

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January came and went. No review.

February is more than one week and two games old. No review.

Was there a January review? Was it even done?

Or was it done and the results leaked to the press in reports that Lennon would get the season and the directors think they can leave it at that?

Do they think the high point of the crisis has passed?

Last week, The Green Brigade got a lot of stick for daring to suggest that Lennon and the directors had lied to the fans.

But what else do you call it when the manager says he would walk if the campaign fell apart, only for him to cling on?

What else do you call it when the board tells us that they will stick by him pending a review in January, that month passes in a whirlwind of disasters and we’re still no closer to finding out what, if anything, they decided?

Do they really think they can ignore us like this?

As I pointed out the other week, the SLO is not happy about this, because he’s the person who most fans are getting onto about this.

But I have also suggested that fans get in touch with our non-executive director, Brian Wilson, who can you find here on Twitter, and ask him exactly what the rest of the shower up at Celtic Park are doing as we wait.

It used to be that when we were in trouble it was the Ibrox board who would be laughing at us; now it’s our own directors and they take our money in order to do it.

What is the delay here? Is Lawwell contemplating another wee video?

Are these people ever going to face the supporters and allow direct questions?

The Trust has a meeting with some of them next week; I expect they will fob those guys off with the usual excuses, such as stock market requirements etc … this is another piece of nonsense, because other clubs sack managers all the time without waiting to announce it to the FTSE.

It is scandalous this this has dragged on this long.

A month ago, most people were wondering when it was going to drop.

A fortnight ago we were told it was imminent.

A week ago it looked like we’d be getting the answers any day.

Today it just looks like a piss-take.

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