The BBC Shamefully Omits The Assault On Soro From Their Online Celtic Highlights.

Image for The BBC Shamefully Omits The Assault On Soro From Their Online Celtic Highlights.

What is BBC Scotland’s game?

As Joe McHugh at VideoCelts has pointed out, their online highlights package from yesterday’s game has been scrubbed of the vicious challenge on Ismaili Soro for which Devante Cole should have received a red card.

What are they playing at?

It’s a clear talking point.

Had Scott Brown been the one to make that challenge do you think it would have been so readily ignored?

Of course it wouldn’t; the whole country would be debating his behaviour and the media would be all-in pushing for a ban.

Here’s the thing though; I may be wrong here, but I am not aware of any comments that Neil Lennon or others at Celtic Park have made on this matter.

Perhaps they think that there is some sort of moral high ground argument to make, but when the manager of our club doesn’t complain about an assault on one of his players, why should we expect the media to make a song and dance of it?

Still, that doesn’t let the BBC off the hook.

All of the internet is talking about this incident, and for them to deem it unworthy of highlighting is ridiculous and makes you wonder what’s going on there.

Doubtless it will be discussed this evening on their more comprehensive show – but still. They have highlighted incidents like this online before … indeed, I remember separate highlights packages being put up to showcase them …

On top of that, they weren’t shy about dissecting every moment of controversy from the game in midweek, so why not with this one?

I’m of the mind that it’s clearly open season on our players.

I said in an article yesterday that it has become clear that we’re not going to get a fair shake and that we cannot expect protection for our footballers, or basic fairness from the media.

Indeed, as they proved with their efforts to get Brown cited we get the opposite of that.

Today the national broadcaster has given us some further evidence that this is, indeed, the case.

It’s clear too that we will be treated like this as long as we tolerate it.

How long we do that is for our directors to decide, so don’t hold your breath expecting changes before May.

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