The Green Brigade Accuse The Board And The Manager Of Lying To Celtic Fans.

Image for The Green Brigade Accuse The Board And The Manager Of Lying To Celtic Fans.

The Green Brigade don’t do things by halves and they don’t sugar-coat the message. Their latest banner, which they put up at Lennoxtown, spells things out pretty clearly and leaves no room for doubt or any ambiguity as to how they feel.

It’s fair to say that our ultras group are still pretty pissed off. Once again, the banner comes complete with a statement, and I think the statement is amongst the most on-the-nose things ones they’ve ever released. It’s about the lies we’ve been told.

To accuse your club of lying is something that no football fan would ever want to do, and The Green Brigade have worked hard to cultivate a good relationship with Celtic.

They were also amongst Neil Lennon’s strongest supporters.

The statement from The North Curve points out that the manager and the board gave us assurances which have now been completely broken.

“In October, Neil Lennon stated that should things deteriorate he would hold his hands up and walk away,” the statement reads. It continues; “In December, the Celtic board announced that it would review the progress of the management team in the new year. Despite no progress, neither party has been true to their word.”

The statement goes on to remind the board that the failure to act sooner has cost us the title.

On top of that, they point out that the next few months are needed to start the rebuilding and that cannot happen whilst Neil Lennon is still in his post.

The anger is not subsiding. The board might believe that it can survive this week to week, and that by brass-necking it and ignoring the fans that they can successfully ride out this storm, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

All across Celtic social media, the attitudes have hardened already.

People have made their minds up, and as I said in the piece about the Scottish Cup, Lennon’s removal is already fully justified based on the league table the results in Europe.

Nothing that happens between now and the end of the season is going to fix this for him or for the board. Things have to change, and since we all know that it would be better if they changed now.

The board and the manager are accused of lying to the fans … that’s untenable, and they can’t think that they can keep their heads down and that this will go away.

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