The Latest Scandal At The SFA Makes Even Celtic’s Governance Look Robust.

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For all our focus on our own club it’s pretty clear that the story of the weekend was the latest scandal at Hampden.

Allowing refs and officials to swan off to Greece for an earner during an international lockdown?

Abusing, once again, the “elite sports” privilege?

And to what end? What benefit did Scottish football acrue from this?

What did it buy us except further scandalisation?

There are several elements to this which simply astound you, but what comes across most is the sense of utter irresponsibility at our governing body and the appearance that they don’t really give a toss for rules, regulations or even appearances.

The whole of the game is reeling from the shocks of Dubai and the behaviour of the players at Ibrox.

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No wonder clubs think they can piss all over the public in the way they do.

Since this crisis started, football has, time and time again, seen the privileges it has been extended abused in a variety of ways.

For those whose responsibility it is to run the game, and to enforce the rules, to be quite so cavalier and exploitative of them is frankly disgraceful and certain people should have been sent packing for it.

People wonder why the politicians are furious with those in the sport.

At every stage of this there have been people willing to test their patience in the most scandalous fashion, but this, coming as it does when the sport has already been mired in controversy, is the worst of the lot, because this was sanctioned and is being defended by those at the top.

No wonder Ibrox thinks it can do as it pleases.

No wonder Celtic thought they could swan off to Dubai without an outcry.

You look at the decision making that must have been involved here – or lack thereof – and it boggles the mind that anyone thought this would be acceptable. They didn’t even care what the public perception would be.

They didn’t care what the political class – who can shut this game down in the blink of an eye – thought about it.

They have endangered clubs. They have endangered players. They have endangered fellow officials, kitmen, ground staff, police and all the others who take part in the putting on of games at the current time … and they couldn’t care less.

Offering an apology after the fact?

Who are they trying to kid?

Is everyone in the sport an irresponsible, arrogant tosser who thinks they are beyond accountability?

The SFA is certainly helping to endorse that view.

At a time when our club looks like an amateurish shambles, the SFA has somehow contrived to make us look like a model of good governance amd responsibility.

That is quite some achievement.

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