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The Media And The Ibrox Club Are Pushing To Have Celtic’s Captain Done. It’s Pathetic.

Image for The Media And The Ibrox Club Are Pushing To Have Celtic’s Captain Done. It’s Pathetic.

The media is pushing a case against Scott Brown for an alleged elbowing incident in last night’s game.

At the same time, the Ibrox club has also been engaging in their usual game of moaning about alleged injustices against them.

Let’s start with that.

They accept that Morelos is a thug who has twice this season now gotten bans for incidents “missed” by the officials during games.

So of course this is about some kind of perceived bias and they are focussed on that rather than looking at why their player so frequently misbehaves in this outrageous fashion.

Their tweet last night – which they clearly steered the media to interpret – was pathetic.

I’ve moaned a lot about Celtic’s unprofessional approach to PR, but it’s still miles better than the shameless, petty manner in which the Ibrox operation conducts itself in the public sphere.

They are the beneficiaries of some of the most outrageous decisions we’ve seen in years … but they play the victim card with aplomb, and the worst of it is they actually believe in it, and the media lets this stuff credence when it should be calling them out.

So between the hacks and the Ibrox board they’ve managed to put Scott Brown under the microscope.

Brown behaved like an absolute idiot at Livingston and there’s no denying it, but those who are comparing him more generally with Morelos are taking the piss and no two ways about it, because his record overall in Scotland has been exemplary and especially for a footballer who plays in his position, one of the toughest roles and impossible to do if you’re a hot-head.

The Record in particular is loving this, but they’re not alone.

The media’s determination to move the story beyond Morelos and back up his club’s shocking attempts at deflection.

There is no way that Brown deserves to be disciplined; the citation is as far as this ought to go.

If it gets to the remarkable point where the club is offered a ban we should tell them to bring on an actual hearing, because this kind of media inspired sniping shouldn’t be allowed to stand, even in a season like this one where banning Brown would make no difference.

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