The Real Traitors To Celtic.

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Later on today I’m going to do a long piece on the board and their standoff with the fans, and how it could end in disaster for all involved.

It is the kind of article I never thought I would have to write, because up until this campaign we seemed to have a club that was well run and leaders who had enough acumen to be able to recognise trouble and act to avert it.

Now we know different. The decision makers at Celtic are hopeless.

They are elitist and arrogant. They are out of touch. They are contemptuous of the fans.

What’s worse is that they do not seem to possess the slightest strategic vision, nor iota of ambition.

The crisis of trust between the club and the fans is now serious and perilous.

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The directors need to understand that we’re getting into a hazardous area here, and with a countdown clock ticking in the background. There are a lot of fans whose disillusionment has become anger and who’s anger has now become apathy.

That’s the most dangerous thing of all.

I’ve written this before, but I’ll say it again; this is the time for people inside our club to speak up and end this nightmare.

This is the time for those who have for years been content to let others hog the headlines and the credit, to step up and be counted, to make their voices heard.

The so-called leaders of this club are walking us off a cliff.

Are our other directors really so whipped, so beaten down, so without guts, or ideas of their own, that they are going to play meek and mute whilst all this goes on? Do they not have opinions?

I refuse to believe that the board is four-square behind the manager.

I refuse to believe that there aren’t people in there who know this can’t continue.

I refuse to believe that these people are without any power to do something about this. Why does Desmond get the final say? Who allows that to happen? If he wants to be chairman he should stand for that position. If he wants to take decision making completely out of the hands of others around the table he should buy the club outright.

But I rather suspect not.

It suits Desmond to have these glove-puppets doing his work for him.

Let me tell you, history will judge Desmond and Lawwell and Lennon harshly for what they’ve done.

But I regard those who have sat in mute acquiescence as the real traitors to Celtic. Those of us on the outside who have banged the drum, we don’t have a fraction of the power that one director who chooses to use it has … but none will act.

I heard all this bollocks about “collective responsibility” my entire life as a political activist.

You know what it comes down to?

People wanting to keep their heads down and hiding behind those who have more guts or personal ambition or whatever it is.

I always wondered what those people were doing in the business in the first place; you can be a follower and a nodding donkey pushing leaflets through doors, you don’t have to run for office for that and the world is the state it’s in because so many do.

These are people I’d have done anything to keep from ever holding any real power, because in moments like this they freeze, with nobody else to hide behind, forced at last to make decisions.

As far as I’m concerned, putting the blame on Desmond, Lawwell and Lennon is unfair if it means that these gutless wonders skip out on their share of it.

The three men who have gotten us into this mess could only have done so if these others remained silent, and when it comes time for remembering the guilty they deserve to have their names recalled and their cowardice recorded.

Christopher McKay, Tom Allison , Brian Wilson and Sharon Brown.

Instead of asking what Celtic has done for you, maybe you should be asking yourselves what you have done for Celtic lately?

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