The SPFL Has Set Up A Celtic Park Title Decider. We Cannot Let It Happen.

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What a shock, eah?

The fixture list has fallen just the way the club at Ibrox would have wanted it; with a title decider pencilled in for Celtic Park should both clubs win their remaining games.

Whether or not you think that’ll happen, you have to admit this stinks.

The longer our club remains in its stasis, the longer you realise that nothing Lennon does or fails to do is going to get him sacked before this season ends.

It is appalling to watch this club give this failed manager a free pass.

It is dangerous too. If Hibs or Aberdeen were on even slightly better form, I’d be gravely concerned for second place. Indeed, we might already be behind.

To lose the title at Celtic Park, or to have them travel to our ground as champions, will be the ultimate insult in a calamitous season. The horrible truth of it is that we need to win all of our games between now and then and then beat them to deprive them of that.

Anything less will be the final humiliation.

It would provoke absolute fury. Lennon himself would see the last vestiges of his reputation in ruins if either outcome came to pass, but it’s the board I would hold entirely responsible for it.

I am glad that there will be no fans inside Celtic Park to witness it.

I am glad that whatever title celebrations they have will be subdued and behind closed doors. There will be no bus-top parade. There will be no street parties.

They can have their little moment, but they will do so in their own homes away from their boozers and their mates, as we had to do with our nine in a row and our Quadruple Treble.

It was nice and all that … but it was lacking. It was a downer.

This whole season has been a bit like that, so whatever day it happens I figure it will be easy enough to ignore that it has.

I won’t even turn the computer off; I’ll just get on with what I always do, writing about Celtic, conducting the post-mortem.

I’ve internalised the fact of this. I accept that it will happen.

The only thing that’s still in our control is to determine when it doesn’t.

They have been presented with the opportunity to do it on our home ground.

We can prevent that, and we should.

In fact, we have to.

It will be to the eternal shame of all involved if we don’t.

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