There’s A Second Dream Team Partnership Who Celtic Have To Consider.

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Yesterday, I did a piece on why Roberto Martinez and Shaun Maloney would be my first picks as a new managerial dream team; apart from anything else, Maloney could be at Celtic Park before the campaign ends, to talk to people, sound out players and start the rebuild ahead of the main man once the Euros have wrapped up this summer.

But there’s another dream team which could do a very similar thing, and we’re allegedly already in talks with one half of it. So why not the other?

David Webb is on our list of candidates for what I hope is the director of football role.

He has an outstanding CV and would be a good fit with the club.

But he’s got a history of working with one of our managerial options as well, and that’s interesting.

The guy he’s worked with is, of course, Eddie Howe, The Miracle Man of Bournemouth.

Howe, we all know about. His achievements speak for themselves.

Webb has worked with him and with the likes of Pochettino (at Southampton and Spurs) and made a name for himself in being able to spot outstanding talents. He is clearly the sort of candidate we should look at.

With his vast knowledge of players and Howe’s ability in the dugout, this is another potential dream-team.

They have a good synergy these two, and we’re not talking either about a mutual back-scratching partnership like the one between Congerton and Rodgers; Webb has a far better record for spotting players than our former manager’s mate did.

The best of it is, we could get one or both of these guys right away; they are available. The only limits to doing so are our ambition and the offer we make. What does our board want for our club? Isn’t it time the small men running it let the adults back into the room? Isn’t it time that they put their best foot forward for the good of this club and gave us the leadership it deserves?

Go and get one other of the dream team’s, guys.

Let us get the job of rebuilding this club started right now, instead of wasting further time.

The clock is ticking.

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