Why Is Lennon Still In Post? Here Are The Possible Explanations.

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The shambles at Celtic Park at the moment all flows from one thing; Neil Lennon remaining in the dugout.

It is quite incredible that we’re preparing for this weekend with him in post long after the point where someone above him should have pulled the lever on his ejector seat.

It is not a great place for our club to be in. It can’t be a great place for Lennon to be in either.

As we watch this ghastly spectacle get progressively worse every week, with press conferences and team performances which should be rated 18 and still labelled Do Not Watch Alone, questions automatically arise about what must be going on behind the scenes.

Are we really to believe that this board is as clueless and terror-struck as it seems?

Or is there more going on here than meets the eye? Are we, in fact, run by tactical and strategic geniuses who are weaving a show-stopping plot behind the scenes?

That doesn’t seem likely, if we’re being honest, since these are the men who gave us Lennon in the first place and have allowed him to stay long after it had become clear to everyone else that he was leading us all off a cliff.

But what, really, are the alternatives?

What possibilities are there?

Let’s, for now, take a look at them all … including the nightmare scenario itself, which is the one we will start out with.

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