Worlds Worst “Football Finance Expert” States The Obvious On Celtic Accounts.

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Kieran McGuire, the stupid person’s “football finance expert” is at it again tonight with yet more rotten “reportage” on his blog.

His subject tonight – his subject for the past week – is Celtic’s six monthly accounts, and as per usual if you’re looking for insight look somewhere else because he offers nothing you couldn’t get doing the sums on the back of a bookie slip.

The press loves this guy.

How many times have you seen his pearls of wisdom appear in the mainstream press these past weeks? Yet he talks absolute garbage most of the time.

It’s difficult to take anyone seriously who calls himself a “finance expert” and yet thinks the club across the city, which depends on director’s loans and fan share issues just to keep the lights on, can face the future with more confidence than the one with ten thousand more season tickets, a better merchandise deal and £19 million sitting in the bank before you even add the more than £10 million we brought in from player sales in January.

Yet here he is, ladies and gentlemen, the dumbest individual in Britain whose job is to tell people how to invest their money.

Do you think his judgement is this robust elsewhere in his professional life?

How does he keep his clients from going under?

Advise them to take their money elsewhere, I’d say. That would be the only “financial advice” I would even consider taking from him based on his “analysis.”

Tonight he’s writing about how “the worst is yet to come” for Celtic because the accounts for the second half of the season will be worse than they are for the first.

Wow. Does he really think that this is new information?

That it’s not widely known?

That Celtic supporters will be shocked to find that the half of the campaign where the season ticket money is counted and where we usually have six home games in Europe is the half where you’re most likely to post a profit?

This is known to just about every fan in the country.

I understand some experts see their role as to explain things to the ordinary man on the street in simple terms, but there’s making stuff digestible and just chasing headlines on the back of treating other people like stone stupid idiots.

“If they’ve lost £5.9m in a year which includes their European participation, I’d expect those losses to be higher in the second half of the year,” he said. And I laughed reading that because anybody with a fraction of understanding about how football works knows that the losses will be higher in the second half of the year. Knows it. Not “expects it.”

And of course, nowhere in all this is there the slightest sign that he knows we’re well placed to withstand what comes our way … which that £19 million surplus plus the Frimpong fee assures that we will.

This guy writes on us all the time now, usually in the context of how the club across town is “catching up to us” or how they will “overtake us”.

A few weeks ago, this clown even suggested that Celtic should have pursued their strategy of building the club on the back of the largest shareholder’s money instead of living within our means.

His stuff is a joke.

I really hope he’s well compensated for writing this stuff. That makes him halfway intelligent at least, which is more than can be said for whoever writes the cheques to him.

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