Yes, Celtic Will Behave “Calmly And Rationally.” That’s What Scares Us.

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There have to have been more desperate, and dishonest, communiques out of Celtic at some point in the past; when you consider the White and Kelly board and the stuff they frequently released to insult us I cannot believe that today was an historic low point, but by God it feels like one at the moment with the whole club in stasis and fans in disbelief.

Whose club do these people think they are running here?

We have a board of spineless yes-men, headed by a clueless chairman who couldn’t be more anonymous if he changed his name to John Smith and never appeared in public again.

In a piece last year, I compared him to The Man Who Wasn’t There, because he might as well not be.

It was his name that was on that joke of a press release earlier, the one that said “we know you are unhappy but we’re still trying to decide how much we care.”

He said that Celtic would not be rushing to judgement, that we would take our time, that we were a club that was determined to do things “calmly and rationally.”

And you know what? I believe they believe that.

Apart from giving the Lennon the job in a Hampden shower, on the spur of the moment, they do tend to consider stuff carefully.

But for God’s sakes, look for a moment at what that means.

Celtic took a “calm and rational” decision not to contest the Survival Lie.

They calmly and rationally decided to leave reform of referees and the implementation of financial fair play for another time.

They actually sat down and considered Dubai calmly and rationally before approving the trip … thought and work and effort went into that £400,000 Jolly Boys Outing. It wasn’t a rush job or something decided on a whim.

They actually sat during a global pandemic, thought it all through and then decided that it was still a good idea, with the whole of the country in lockdown.

When we were struggling from October onwards last year, after it was clear that Lennon had lost control of the club, when the bloggers were shrieking the warning at them that they were jeopardising the league challenge, they calmly, rationally, decided to give Lennon enough time in the gig to blow the whole thing to smithereens as they watched.

Through Prague at home, they watched, calmly and rationally.

Through the loss of the cup record in that shameful display against Ross County they were both rational and calm.

In the aftermath they gave him his vote of confidence just in time for the complete collapse.

Calmly. Rationally.

Without panic.

Crisis? What crisis?

During January they allowed the manager to embarrass us with every word that came out of his mouth. He contradicted the CEO’s public apology on the Dubai trip. He insulted other member clubs. He waged war on his own players.

The form was catastrophic.

Calmly, rationally, the board watched it all happen.

They watched as the league deficit grew and grew and grew, in a calm and rational manner.

So when they say that, yes, I do believe they will make this decision in a calm and rational way.

By their definition.

But that’s what the rest of us would regard as fiddling whilst Rome burns. Gross mismanagement. Outright lunacy, if not outright sabotage. An abroggation of their professional responsibilities.

Their ability to remain calm and rational whilst everything falls apart doubtless impresses some people.

The rest of us are scared for our club.

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