The BBC’s Online Coverage Omits Yet Another Shocking Tackle On A Celtic Player.

Image for The BBC’s Online Coverage Omits Yet Another Shocking Tackle On A Celtic Player.

The BBC’s online highlights of the Celtic game last night has completely omitted the tackle on Stephen Welsh.

It is the second time in a week that they’ve decided to ignore an appalling challenge on a Celtic player, after they left Devante Cole’s shocker out at the weekend.

If you didn’t already know you would have to wonder what this is all about.

Trial by television doesn’t directly help us, in the same way that it doesn’t help the victims of Ibrox’s shocking tackles, what it does do is warn players who might go in with tough challenges that they will face some kind of censure for it.

The BBC in fact is more interesting in debating our penalty; the second time in under a week an award for Celtic has come under this kind of intense scrutiny. Think we’ll get another player cited for diving? Don’t be surprised.

It’s hard not to conclude that the BBC is happy to let Celtic players be assaulted and that it doesn’t want to draw further attention to the incidents. This way, any player who does it has a fair chance of getting away with it, as the officials aren’t going to take care of us.

Celtic isn’t going to complain, not about something like this.

But we should be using our own social media channels to highlight the incidents instead, and pushing them into the public domain that way, and as I said earlier we should be protecting our players better by going on the record about the lack of protection they are getting from refs.

It’s time we stopped being so passive here.

We are being walked over all.

Too many people at Celtic Park have mentally checked out and don’t seem to be on the job.

Too many things like this are being about to slide, and even with this title race all but over that can’t be good for us and it’s certainly not acceptable.

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