A Celtic Win Tomorrow Must Not Be Used To Alibi A Season Of Failure.

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Every one of us knows that tomorrow is an important day.

It’s an important game.

This might be the best chance we have to stop all this invincible garbage in its tracks, to put Gerrard’s team on notice for the next campaign and to assure we salvage some pride from this rank rotten campaign.

The result matters. The performance matters.

But even if we turn it on and give them a right good going over – and we’re due one of those – there should be no question of it re-writing the history of this dire campaign. One victory, no matter how satisfying, will not make up for all that has come before.

Nobody at the top of this club must use this as a means of absolving themselves from responsibility for this catastrophic campaign.

I know that it will be tempting for some people to cling to fantasies that things would have been different had we not had certain injuries and had the bug not wreaked havoc on our chances … all of it will be nonsense.

This season has been a collective failure from everyone at Celtic Park, from the top all the way down. The football operation has self-destructed and that’s the result of very obvious strategic failings and decisions made long ago.

The changes which are coming are necessary.

They have been necessary for years.

This campaign did not fail because we were unlucky or because of circumstances outside of our control.

Bad choices, rank bad choices, are what got us here … only by making good choices can we claw our way out of this hole.

The club needs overhauled. The squad needs rebuilt.

Nobody at Parkhead should see a win tomorrow as an excuse for not doing that job and doing it right.

Putting it off will not help us.

Denying the reality of the size of it will not get us through. We’re facing difficult decisions, but ones which are long overdue. If we’re confronting an enormous task – and we are – it’s because it’s been left this long.

Celtic needs the three points … but more than those points, we need to chart a new course.

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A win tomorrow will be great.

But it will not cure all the ills that have befallen us or make right all that has gone wrong.

We still face one hell of a job in the summer.

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