Andrew Smith’s Article On The Celtic Fan’s “Fear” Of The Scottish Cup Is Garbage.

Image for Andrew Smith’s Article On The Celtic Fan’s “Fear” Of The Scottish Cup Is Garbage.

Andrew Smith has written as much nonsense in the past few months as any group of media hacks put together which doesn’t include ex-players.

His defences for Lennon were ridiculous. His criticisms of the fans have been barmy.

His sycophantic Peter Lawwell articles were truly nauseating. His article about how the pressure on Lennon was all about the league form was absurd and untrue.

This afternoon, his piece is about Celtic fans and their “fear” of the Scottish Cup, and our desire that the season end without that competition being played. Honest to God, this guy is so disconnected from the actual sentiment amongst our fans than I suggest he stop spending his time in the media echo chamber and find out what we actually think.

This blog is not alone in welcoming the news that the Scottish Cup will be contested, because the Celtic fans in the main know that it provides us with an opportunity to re-affirm our position as the biggest club in this country, a position which does not get lost to us because of one catastrophic campaign in the last decade.

I’ll do more on that later, but I want to be clear that I don’t consider recent events to be indicative of a major shift in the balance of power.

We have been asleep at the wheel, but Celtic is a super tanker which only needs a course correction. If the leadership had been half as smart as it thought, it was – and which Smith still thinks they were – we wouldn’t be in this mess.

What doesn’t change are the fundamentals, and we’re still a stronger club; that’s the bottom line folks and don’t let anybody try to tell you different.

Celtic fans are not running scared of the Ibrox club or of having to face them.

Indeed, with people now playing for their futures and knowing that I think we’re more likely than not to put on a show and remind them why we are current champions.

The Scottish Cup, as I said previously, is a tournament which closes out at the end of this campaign. It is a chance to set the tone for next season.

Why in God’s name should we fear that?

It gives us one last opportunity to salvage something from this season, and to write the first page of a new book. It will make confront Ibrox with the truth about Gerrard’s record; a single honour out twelve, coming amidst exceptional circumstances.

Andrew Smith has not got a clue what he’s talking about.

I say “bring it on” and every Celtic fan I know feels exactly the same way.

It’s time for our club to get up off the matt.

What a chance the Scottish Cup provides us with to do just that.

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