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Brown Deserves A Triumphant Ending To His Celtic Story And We Need It.

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As we approach the end of Scott Brown’s time at Celtic, there is an obvious need to give this story the happy ending that it deserves. His time at our club has been phenomenally successful.

It simply has to close out on the right note, a winning note.

The title is gone.

The crowning glory that would have been ten in a row got away from us and so too did our unbeaten run in the domestic cups.

But the Scottish Cup remains to be fought for.

We have one last chance in the league to stop the Ibrox club from going unbeaten. We have to take advantage of both. Every player owes it to the captain to give 110% for the rest of his time at Parkhead.

The prize is worth the effort, and it’s not just Scott Brown who needs to sign off this way, it’s the fans who need to have something at the end of the season to help convince us that the next one isn’t already looming as a disaster.

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This Ibrox club believes it is invulnerable; we have shaken that belief with the last two performances against us. If we win at the third time of asking that will confirm the trend and send them into the close season with some concerns of their own.

We need this. It should be non-negotiable for everyone at Celtic Park, from the players who might in their last few months at our club to those who want to stay and fight for the cause in the next campaign.

They owe Brown, and they owe us too.

We are better than we’ve shown this season; we all know this to be true.

Whether we put the slip down to the bug and its affects, including not having fans, or to Lennon simply not being up to the job, or whatever else it might be, we know we are a better team than we’ve shown over the course of this long and aggressively horrible season.

So many people are coming to their final act at the club … every one of them, as well as all those who remain, need to rouse themselves for one last great effort … and bring home the trophy.

Nobody deserves that more than Brown, unless it’s us.

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