Celtic Fans Just Have To Laugh As Brendan Rodgers Lectures Us On Humility.

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Today I woke up to one of those funny moments which Scottish football occasionally throws our way.

To my extreme amusement, I woke to find Brendan Rodgers all over my social media timelines, telling Celtic that we should show some “class and humility” in dealing with the club across the city, and we should give them a guard of honour.

“Brendan,” I thought. “Do us all a favour and look in the mirror. Smile. Take in the whole picture; those bleached white teeth and that sunbed tan. Read through your supercilious statements of old, check out those videos of you preening and strutting. When you’re done, come back and tell us all about humility, with a straight face instead of with that knowing smirk.”

It’s like having an Ibrox board lecture us on sectarianism.

And it does make me laugh, because of the many people who’ve tried to put us in the corner over this guard of honour garbage, Rodgers is the last person I expected to see there, and I never, ever believed he’d use “be humble” as his argument.

I’ll tell you what I know for sure; there is no way in the world that Brendan Rodgers would have given the Ibrox side a guard of honour or any other privilege which would have had him play the supplicant in any significant way.

It’s not in his genetic determinism.

On top of all this, he gave us a lecture on the virtues of John Kennedy and insisted that we keep him around, possibly as assistant.

This is another thing he didn’t stand for and never would have in a million years at the club … so what’s his game today?

Rodgers has a real ability to annoy us at times.

Weighing in on how “sorry” he feels as a “Celtic supporter” about how the season has gone, but telling us to suck it up and pay homage to Ibrox whilst at the same time pushing a coaching setup he would never have stood for and knows that the Celtic supporters don’t want and won’t tolerate?

I don’t know what agenda he is pursuing with this, but it’s not something I will take seriously because Rodgers lecturing us on humility is impossible to take seriously.

The old saying that if he was chocolate he’d eat himself is no mere exaggeration in his case; this guy wouldn’t even leave crumbs for the rats.

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