Celtic Needs To Openly Condemn Instagram For Their Refusal To Tackle Bigotry.

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Celtic released more than one statement last night; in the other they condemned the continuing abuse which Shane Duffy is getting from certain deplorable gutter dwellers on Instagram.

I wish I could say that this is a surprise, but this is a point on a continuum, another example of how giving Ibrox’s bottom feeders the slightest opening encourages more outrageous behaviour.

How many more examples of this do people need before the issue is properly understood? If you give these Peepul an inch they will take the full mile.

When Instagram forgave one particular scumbag last month because he apologised – everyone apologies when they are caught – that was an open door to others. Because as long as you say sorry, anything goes, right?

What a joke. What do you need to do to get banned on one of these platforms?

Facebook owns Instagram. They are great on Facebook at policing misdemeanours. They love nothing more than slamming some poor sod who used a cross-word during a debate. But show them bigotry in the real and the raw and most of the time they back off like a Daily Record stenographer getting the evil eye from an Ibrox press man.

I found Instagram’s “handling” of the initial case to be toothless and weak.

Further attacks on Duffy were inevitable. What else do you expect when the companies who host this stuff won’t tackle it properly? It gives the Peepul all the latitude they need.

Celtic were quite right to condemn the actions of the individuals who have targeted Shane Duffy.

But their demand that action needed to be taken was a little more restrained than it should have been. They ought to have been more specific. They ought to have called out Instagram for allowing the first attack to essentially go unanswered.

There is a different between disagreement and naked hatred. Nobody needs to have that difference pointed out to them.

Those who engage in poisonous speech on social media do so from what they believe is the safety of distance, and many do it from what they believe is the safety of anonymity. It is especially spineless; there is nothing tough about these Peepul.

Membership of these services is not a human right; it’s a luxury, and one that the platforms themselves can revoke any time they want. Genuine hate-speech sounds to me like good grounds for doing so.

The social media companies are failing to get a grip on this stuff, and that allows these evil individuals to get away with their disgusting behaviour.

When does it end? It ends, perhaps, when organisations like Celtic do more than just whisper their condemnation.

They have to make it clear, and to shout it out loud.

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