Celtic Shouldn’t Even Comment On This Guard Of Honour Nonsense.

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Celtic will not give the Ibrox club a guard of honour, and nor should we. The idea isn’t even being seriously entertained inside Celtic Park. Indeed, it’s one of those ideas which is viewed by the club with some scorn.

Things might be different if they had given us one when Lennon asked for it.

I didn’t think it was remotely likely that they would; Ibrox is too wrapped up in its own egotism and hate to pay respect to any other club.

This isn’t just about us; I don’t think they would have done it for anyone.

A club like theirs doesn’t think it has to honour others.

Some of the folk pitching in on this are too stupid to be taken seriously.

Those others, some allegedly on our side, who are urging us to do it, like John Hughes, ought to shut it. Take our medicine? What kind of comment is that to make? If they’d done us the courtesy of granting us one I could see the argument in a different light. Why is it always us have to suck it up and “take our medicine”?

Others urging us “take the moral high ground” similarly need to go and lie down in a dark room.

I ask you, what’s the point in taking “moral high ground” with the club from Ibrox, who think any sort of high ground is only there so that they can stand on it to see who they are pissing all over?

Those from our club shouldn’t even discuss this matter.

When asked about it, all involved should simply laugh and move on.

Treat the idea with contempt. There’s no point in doing otherwise. To get into a discussion about the rights and wrongs of it … why would we? The idea has not got the slightest merit attached to it.

They refused us one and that’s where it should end.

This is such an obvious elephant trap that nobody should be wading into it. Why are ex-Celtic players commenting on it? Why are some urging us to do it? Who do they think they are serving in even having the conversation?

As I said in a previous piece, what’s next? Having one of our directors present them with the league flag, like some defeated war general handing over his pistol to the enemy?

All the “guard of honour” would be in this case is triumphalism.

We saw enough of that already at the weekend just past.

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