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Celtic’s Entire Coaching Team Needs To Be Removed When This Season Is Done.

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Any remaining doubts that this is the worst coached Celtic has been in decades went out of the window today with a spineless, low-intensity performance against the Ibrox club which served only to demonstrate that the regression at Celtic Park is not restricted to a handful of players.

There are wonderful myths around this coaching team, and their performance behind the scenes.

We hear constantly about how astute Kennedy is and how good a manager he will be. I see no sign of it whatsoever. For the second match in a row his team selection has been inexplicable and his substitutions frankly embarrassing.

That their goal was conceded from a set-piece today is bad enough, but having let them do so we changed nothing about the way we approached them and invited another. Connor Goldson, who has already scored a couple of times against this rank rotten defensive system had several free headers today, any one of which could have made this an even more miserable day.

The problems were never all about Lennon.

The people who run our club should be facing the harshest possible examination of the way they went about constructing our coaching team. Lennon’s decision making was awful enough that they denied him the staff he wanted, but to impose these jokers on him shows that their own judgement was scarcely better.

I will have no truck with those who say Lennon was hamstrung; Lennon should have had the presence of mind to fight for his own people or to refuse the job. I don’t believe things would have been much better had he gotten the likes of Parker anyway … Lennon, himself, is a terrible manager and we are continuing to pay a high price for having appointed him.

Because the truth is that under Lennon, Kennedy and Strachan every single player at Celtic Park has gone backwards.

Every single one of them. It’s bad enough that we’ve not seen any notable improvement.

What’s worse is that there has been a regression right across the boards, with every single footballer at the club suffering for the scandalous decision making which has saddled us with this third rate coaching team.

We have better footballers than those at Ibrox.

This isn’t something that even the most casual observer of football can have the slightest doubt about. But they are a well organised side in a way that we aren’t, and that has everything to do with what happens behind the scenes.

John Kennedy and Gavin Strachan have not improved us, because they were part of the problem in the first place and no manager worth a damn could possibly see them as part of the solution.

Every single member of their “coaching team” needs to be shipped out of Parkhead the minute this season concludes. No retaining a single one of them for the sake of “continuity” because who in their right mind would want us to continue with this catastrophic experiment in giving the chief executive unrestricted authority over the football operation?

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The truly scary part of it, of course, is that he’s still making major decisions behind the scenes.

He’s one of the guys “trusted” with picking the next coaching team and putting in place a replacement for the structure he built, the one that has so colossally failed us on every single level.

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