Does Leigh “Lazarus” Griffiths Have One More Celtic Career Resurrection In Him?

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The stories today from down south about how Chris Wilder is linked to Celtic come at an interesting time, and a lot of our players will be monitoring the situation carefully.

There are some of them whose careers at Celtic are every bit as uncertain as those of the coaches.

One of those players is Leigh Griffiths.

Today, Anthony Joseph has said on a podcast that he believes the striker will still be at Parkhead next season.

Had Rodgers been in charge there have been no chance of it at all. With Lennon in charge the odds would have been just as long. But Wilder, or whoever, might have ideas of his own on that score.

Griffiths is a player who would benefit from a fresh start.

But then, he always is.

Will he get one under this guy? If Eddie leaves he’s our best proven striker … the one thing you can guarantee with Griffiths is that he will get goals, no matter what else is going on with him.

You’d think the next manager would want someone like that around the place, especially as he has a squad to rebuild. I do think we need another striker if Edouard goes … but could we really afford to replace him and Griffiths both?

That’s a lot of goals to be sending out the door.

I wouldn’t keep Griffiths under most circumstances, but I would be fully on board with it if the next manager decided to, on the proviso that he gets fit and stakes a claim for a place in the team.

Not an automatic place; he’s going to have to fight for it.

Here’s the thing, though, and we all know this; if Leigh Griffiths is up for that fight and if he gets himself into some kind of shape, that boy will put the ball in the net.

He always has, and until he’s lost to time all the things that made us buy he, he will continue to for whoever he’s playing for.

Does he have the hunger for it?

Does he still have the commitment to his craft?

These are questions only he can answer ….

But I do believe that any future manager who looks at his record would be inclined to find out.

Lazarus Leigh might have one last resurrection, one last miracle, in him yet.

Wouldn’t that be something?

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