Don’t Panic Folks, Paul Lambert Is Not On The Brink Of Becoming Celtic Boss.

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Man oh man, no other support can have such an unerring ability to make one and one add up to four.

The news yesterday that Paul Lambert had left Ipswich, with or without the old “mutual consent” qualifier, has gone down hard in Celtic cyberspace where there seems to be a genuine fear that this may be a precursor to his getting the manager’s job.

But why are so many people so concerned?

It’s a bizarre coincidence, for sure, but that’s really all that it, because Lambert himself has said he wouldn’t take the job even if he were offered it and the club surely cannot be that desperate or its directors that stupid?

Lambert is one of the liquidation deniers; I have never enjoyed listening to him talk about that stuff.

But my memories of him as a player are warm ones to see the least, and he is quite correct to not want those memories tarnished by being the last desperate act of the Peter Lawwell regime, one the fans would have deep distrust of from the off.

He is smart enough to know that he’d be setting himself up for a disaster, and one almighty fall from our good graces. I like that Lambert is self-aware enough to grasp it.

Still, I remain amazed at our own ability to get ourselves into a state over events that are highly unlikely to transpire.

There are going to be a lot of names thrown up in the next couple of months, or until we name a successor to Lennon anyway, and I include John Kennedy in that, although he too has admitted he won’t get it and probably shouldn’t want it.

The board knows that it has to deliver something special.

That’s the truth of it.

Fans are not going to accept a third rate appoint nobody has heard of.

Not every unknown or unfamiliar figure would be a disaster; today Domenec Torrent’s name was thrown into the mix and I have to admit that the man has an intriguing CV and probably knows more about football, tactics and modern management than just about anyone we could interview … but he’s not done enough in the dugout of late for us to be sure.

Nevertheless, the appointment of someone like that, a radical, free-thinking change, would signify that we really were in a new era and that would be something to be excited about anyway.

But Lambert … he’s so old school he should manage in a blazer and a tie. That’s the last thing we need and thus the last thing we should be worried about. So let’s not, folks.

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