If Police Scotland Is Harassing Celtic Fans The Club Should Demand To Know Why.

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Just the other day, our club released a statement following its meeting with the Scottish Government in relation to the coming fixture at Celtic Park.

That statement made it quite clear that those in the Holyrood administration understand just who was to blame for the disgraceful scenes last weekend and understand the threat those same Peepul pose in the coming one.

This is why Celtic has put up the barriers; this is not to stop our own fans gathering, as some have claimed.

It is to prevent the wholescale destruction of property and violent intimidation of those inside Parkhead from the toe-rags who shamed their own club last week.

The powers-that-be inside Parkhead have spoken at length with the Holyrood authorities and both are clear as to where the threat lies.

Nobody, it seems, has told Police Scotland this though, as according to FAC, they’ve spent the past few days pestering Celtic fans, rousing them from their beds, dropping by at night … these are people with no criminal records, getting warning visits from the boys in blue.

It is the very definition of harassment.

Look, I don’t want to go off on one about Celtic here.

The club has played it straight all down the line here as far as the virus goes.

We have followed procedures flawlessly, even when doing so has been to our severe detriment.

Some might even say that in light of events elsewhere, both those in the public domain and which our club knows about privately, we might even have been too honest for our own good. I am glad for it nevertheless.

It is not the club’s fault that our fans are being lent on like this, but we’ve built up enough credit with the Scottish Government, I think, that we should be willing to go to them and ask them for an explanation.

Our police were partially responsible for what we saw last week; they refused to uphold the law. Instead here they are intimidating people who have broken no laws, and Celtic needs to put someone on the spot over that and find out why.

Well done to Fans Against Criminalisation for continuing to stand up for our fans like this.

We deserve – we require – answers on this, and some kind of clarification on why this is happening … and whether it’s happening on the other side of the city as well.

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