In Spite Of Its Controversies, Most Celtic Fans Would Still Welcome VAR.

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Last week Ian Maxwell talked about Scottish football being willing to take part in a “trial” for what’s become known as VAR-lite. He seemed unsure if the trial was going to include actually using it in games. It’s called VAR-lite because it’s a reduced version of the technology which will allow all leagues to use it, because of the low costs involved.

Listening to him, I couldn’t escape the impression that he’s somewhat disappointed in getting the offer. He’s got no interest in Scottish football using the best technology. He would rather work within the current archaic system, where we place our full “faith and trust” in the officials who have become notorious for their dreadful performances.

To say nothing of their “honest mistakes.”

Honestly, it stinks that we don’t seem to want this option, that we don’t seem to want this system in place. We understand that not every league can have it, but the top flight should and the Scottish and League Cup’s should too. If there’s a way to make it possible, and affordable, then we can’t refuse it … but it sounds like the SFA wants to sit on the fence.

It makes you wonder who they are trying to cover. Because they are certainly not looking out for the good of the game here. They are not protecting our sport. If they were they would grab this technology with both hands and not let it go of it.

The SFA gets pounded from every avenue over bad refereeing.

You’d think they’d welcome a solution which took some of the pressure off of them and the officials.

VAR is a game-changer in the most literal sense. We wouldn’t even need a compliance officer if the electronic eye was capable of capturing this stuff properly.

Why do we place such faith in the “human element”, especially when the human element in this case is so badly flawed? How could technology make things worse?

Except, perhaps, for certain clubs in certain circumstances?

I don’t know. Does that sound paranoid?

I ask you, what reason could we have for not wanting VAR? Because of the controversy it causes?

More often than not it’s decisions are right, even if they are penalising the most minor violations and producing what look like outrageous results. But technically incorrect ones? I haven’t heard about many of those, and this is the key to why we need it.

I know this raises a lot of hackles in England and elsewhere.

But I bet if you asked Celtic fans if they wanted VAR the vast majority of our fans would be all in favour of it, and there’s a good reason why this is the case.

It’s the closest to a level playing field that we’ve been offered in Scotland for years and that’s all we need to know.

Of course, it’s also why a lot of people do not want to see its introduction.

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