John Collins Helped Undermine Ronny Deila. He Can’t Be Celtic’s DOF.

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John Collins yesterday put his name forward as Celtic’s future Director of Football, and I am guessing that one or two people inside the club would broadly support that.

Of course they would.

When they brought in Ronny Deila they forced him to accept Collins as his assistant.

Collins was, in effect, their spy. He left when Ronny did.

That should be the last time he sets foot inside Parkhead in an official capacity.

Look, I have nothing against Collins on a personal level.

But we’re supposed to be building something new.

If this turns out to be another backward step, then nobody is going to be happy.

We heard last week that David Webb, one of the outstanding candidates for the job, would take it. His own public remarks make it quite clear that he would … if we end up with a lesser individual than that we have to ask what the board’s real priorities are.

As I said when I posted yesterday’s article about how the club needed to hire people who the fans would believe in, it won’t be enough for the board to simply pick one of their pals, some Mr Reliable who they know well and believe in … they have to sell all this stuff to the fans as well and if the person who comes in has the right reputation that’ll be easy.

If they take some punt on someone without the proper gravitas, and without the proper qualifications, or worse, somebody who is perceived as their yes-man, then they will have problems getting that past us. Collins might think this is a job he can do; I’d rather we appointed someone who knows this is a job they can do, and with the CV to back that up.

No more square pegs in round holes, and no more experiments, for God’s sake Celtic.

Appoint people to the top jobs who have the requisite experience and skillsets. There are good candidates out there for all the top posts and some of them want it.

Collins is not of the calibre we should be considering.

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