John Kennedy Insults The Celtic Fans With His Garbage About Not Panicking.

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John Kennedy has, in the space of just one afternoon, completed the journey from being a man charting his own course to sounding like one with a CEO’s hand rammed up his posterior.

A lot of our fans have long accused him of being a Lawwell glove puppet; tonight that’s exactly what he sounds like.

It is a gross insult to our supporters.

He stood in front of the media today at the culmination of an historic, and unprecedented, collapse and actually told us that there’s no need to panic, as if panic is what it would be to remove from the club every individual who was part of the problem and won’t be part of the solution.

“I think there is always panic in these moments and it can be very emotional at times, especially in the city of Glasgow … when one wins and the other doesn’t there is a setback and everyone gets so concerned by it,” he said. “Yes, there have been concerns this year that have to be addressed but massive overhauls don’t often work so we have to be stable. We know what we have to fix and we have to make sure we fix it.”

Yes, it’s partly a plea for understanding of his own role in this calamity, but it’s also a plea on behalf of his pay-masters on the board.

This is their language, the language of contempt for us which we’ve been hearing now for months.

Kennedy showed us all what he had today.

It was a must-win match, one that under no circumstances could we be permitted to leave with less than three points and we did play well and we should have got the result, but his own decision making took care of that.

His own incompetence and his own dire choices made sure it wasn’t going to be our day.

What little credit he had in the bank, he lost it with those changes.

What credibility he might have hoped to emerge with notwithstanding the result, he has now thoroughly torched with this rotten apologia for the people who have failed us so spectacularly.

I suggest he looks at the league table and the historic reality of a campaign in which the league has been won earlier than it has in over 100 years.

I hear today that some have suggested that Kennedy is “impressive” enough that he should at least be considered for a role at Parkhead under the next regime. That’s just great. Why are we even bothering to get rid of anyone? Just make Neil Lennon director of football, if nobody pays for their failures.

I don’t think it’s panicking to suggest that everyone who had a hand in this should be ushered out the doors of Celtic Park as quick as is humanely possible, and that includes him.

Indeed, I think that’s an imperative.

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