Date: 21st March 2021 at 5:09pm
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I have never known a Celtic with such a pitiful mentality, one that accepts bad results and bad performances and tries to dress them up as something else.

There is an almost casual acceptance of failure that starts at the top and works its way down.

John Kennedy said we deserved more from the game today; a team that cannot do the basics of defending does not deserve anything. A team which squanders so many chances is asking for trouble and the game is unforgiving of such profligacy.

I am tired of the loser mentality at the top of this club right now, the way we simply shrug off these kinds of results.

You’d think we had played spellbinding football today and simply been robbed; we looked ordinary.

I don’t care that we were the better team and that as a consequence looked ordinary as well.

I think they are an ordinary team.

We are woefully under-coached and tactically incompetent.

A well drilled Celtic would have taken them apart today.

Kennedy also blamed the referee for denying us a penalty.

What did he expect?

The Ibrox club hasn’t had a spot kick awarded against them in Scotland .

This was not going to be the day, and I see no sense in moaning about it because we never put action behind these kind of and whilst certain people are Celtic Park we never will.

We were undone today by Kennedy’s inability to coach our defence.

The guy was a defender himself; why doesn’t he know that it’s unconscionable not to have someone on either post for a set piece? Morelos wasn’t brilliant today in front of goal, he wasn’t clinical … he was stood there all on his own, with no Celtic player near him.

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That’s an indictment of the defensive organisation.

That’s an indictment on our own management team.

It is that our club has not yet appointed someone to fix this mess.

It is way past time. Look at the countdown clock; we have 90 days to go and everyone at Celtic Park would rather present the hard-luck story than take action to change the narrative.