King Is Making A Mockery Of Our Club. Time To Shut Him Up, Celtic.

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Later on today, I’m going to write more fulsomely on David Cunningham King, AKA the glib and shameless tax cheat.

For now, I am going to ask you all a question.

How nauseous do you get when you read King’s gloating remarks? How much do you want to vomit into the nearest waste paper bin, or run to the toilet? To use the local vernacular, it’s boak inducing.

This swaggering braggart is laughing at us.

He’s mocking us for our failure this season and accusing us of being an amateurish operation which has panicked in sacking Lennon. Apparently his board would never have acted so rashly.

Except, of course, that he fired three different managers before he stumbled onto the current one.

This guy cannot say anything without indulging in Trumpian fantasies about his own genius and his own laser focus judgement. He has long been able to delude himself about anything and everything.

The press eats this garbage up, but then every word out of the Ibrox boardroom is treated like solid gold. The hacks swallow it all like pigs being fed swill.

I know how we feel about this stuff.

How in God’s name do the directors at Celtic Park feel hearing this guff?

How do they feel seeing this joker walking through the media offices like a conqueror, gloating about how he got one over on them?

These people have been humiliated by this muppet.

Lawwell will depart this club with Dave King laughing behind his back.

Desmond thought he had shut these people up after their Hampden stunt some years back; what does he think they’re doing right now? They are toasting his picture and pissing themselves laughing at the state he’s got us in.

The thing to consider is that it’s in our hands how long his laughter lasts.

We can shut this man and his board up if we get the basics right in the summer. We are the victims of our own stupidity, the authors of our own misfortune. Nothing more or less.

Celtic is still the strongest side in Scotland; later on in the week I’ll expand on that point a little more, but for now it’s enough to say that it’s true and that no amount of chest-thumping across the city will change the fact of it.

They are laughing now … but our board can put a stop to that right quick if they make the big decisions, and especially if they do it soon.

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