No Celtic Fan Should Even Be Contemplating “Defending Parkhead” In A Fortnight.

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The behaviour of the other lot this weekend, and the way the police tolerated it, has given some of their fans the mistaken belief that they can now do whatever they want.

They are said to be planning a march on Celtic Park.

As expected, as was all too depressingly predictable, this has inspired some of the goon element of our own support to plan the same.

I cannot say enough how ridiculous, stupid and dangerous this idea is.

I cannot say enough times that it risks damaging Celtic.

I cannot say enough times that we should let the trailer trash of the empire wallow in their own filth; there is absolutely nothing to be gained by getting down and dirty with them.

Apart from anything else, it’s just plain wrong.

The anger fans felt back in November was understandable, but that didn’t make it right to gather in defiance of the law.

We didn’t know about new variants, but nor were we over one million people into the vaccination cycle.

This isn’t about moral high ground, it’s about the public good.

It’s about doing what’s right. It’s also about not turning Glasgow into a war zone.

Celtic has a responsibility to make sure the area around our stadium is secure.

Just because Ibrox wasn’t secured it doesn’t give our club a pass for not doing what it should. Those security fences should be back up.

It is the police’s responsibility to uphold the law.

Let the club do what it has to, and the police do what they should be.

The wannabe generals and armchair freedom fighters should leave well enough alone. Celtic Park does not need your special brand of skills; my bet is that it will still be standing come the following day no matter what comes to pass.

Police Scotland has taken justified criticism from right across the political and social spectrum as a result of this.

Their failure to do their jobs was lamentable.

Crowds should have been dispersed before they were allowed to grow; instead they were permitted to gather and build.

You better believe that this will not be permitted in two weeks’ time.

Any illegal gathering will be moved on.

Anyone who persists in flouting the regulations will be met with enforcement.

If you gather, recognise that this is certain, and don’t try to tell yourself that the difference in policing styles justifies your behaviour because it doesn’t. The police were wrong to stand off at the weekend; they will be wrong to do so in a fortnight.

So honestly, there’s nothing whatsoever to gain from taking such a ridiculous course of action. All you will do is jeopardise public safety, spark yet another backlash against the club and make yourselves the equals of the gutter rats who caused havoc all over this city at the weekend. Don’t tell yourselves even for one second that you are standing up for Celtic.

It’ll be an exercise in massaging your own egos. The police will be justified in arresting you. The club will be justified in trying to ascertain your identities and banning you for life.

There will be no excuse for it at all. So do the right thing, for God’s sake.

Watch the game at home with a few bottles of beer … if the Peepul are going to heap further disgrace on their club let them do it.

Do not follow them into the gutter.

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