One Up Front Today Celtic? It’s Like Lennon Never Left.

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One up front, Kennedy? Really? Is this what we’re returning to now? Isn’t this supposed to be an audition for your own ideas, so that when your time at Parkhead comes to an end with this campaign that you can go somewhere else having proven yourself? Last week was a re-tread of one Lennon plan. This week it’s a re-tread of another.

The idea pool at Celtic has well and truly dried up, hasn’t it?

Scott Brown anchoring the central midfield? Just what does Soro have to do to get a proper run of games at this club? Kill the captain, or just kidnap a member of the board? He’s the future of the midfield.

Why am I getting the feeling that Brown is going to get a new deal before this campaign ends?

I do actually see that Kennedy is doing something here; we’re going for natural width, or we’re trying to. He’s going to play Elyounoussi wide left and Christie wide right. Or so it seems. I mean, I guess this could be another Lennon style “make it up as you go along” team selection, but there does appear to be at least some method in the madness.

Yet once again we’re fielding a lone striker, and it’s the one who’s not going to be here for much longer whilst two of those who are rot on the bench. Nice one Kennedy. Nice one.

We have the game with you know who for the you know what coming up in a fortnight (aye, someone clued me into that last night, when I was talking about next week – see how little I actually care?) and you can take it to the bank that neither Ajeti or Klimala will start that one now.

To me it’s just insanity to telegraph this so clearly; the Ibrox defence has barely lost a goal in this campaign. Why does it look like we’re going to take on their packed defence with a single striker?

Note that it’s not that I’m worried about this game today … I’m concerned with what it portends for the one directly after it. Not to say that I’m totally confident about this one now I see what the plan is shaping up to be.

Never before has our club been in such dire need of new thinking.

Kennedy spoke yesterday as if there’s a decision to be made on his future here, as if the board is testing him out to see if they like him for the permanent gig. The obvious problem I have with that – other than it being a completely stupid and unsellable idea – is that it wastes more time.

How much of it do our directors think we have, for God’s sake?

The countdown clock below will tell you.

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