Player Of The Month Edouard Shows His Value Yet Again And It Ain’t £15 Million.

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Before I start, I want to echo James’ furious piece from earlier today, where he railed against the idea that we should even contemplate selling Edouard for the pathetic fee which The Daily Mail is reporting. It would be an act of blind stupidity.

It comes, ironically enough on the day Edouard is named as Player of the Month for February.

I think that serves as a reminder to all of us about the player we’re talking about here.

When players you’ve never heard of command mammoth fees south of the border all we are doing is feeding a narrative of this club as being one in total freefall.

Edouard’s award is a testament to the goals he’s scored and the way he has played overall, not only last month but since he signed. Edouard is a fantastic footballer and one who will certainly play at the very highest level.

He’s selling himself short if he goes to Leicester.

We’re also selling him short to accept such a reduced sum.

James is correct; it doesn’t make a blind bit of sense. Not one.

It doesn’t matter than he’s in the last year of his contract; if there is more than one interested party, you accept the highest offer. I will be astounded if the highest offer is the insult which Leicester have allegedly thrown at us.

Edouard is 18 goals short of joining Celtic’s 100 goals club; not many people seem aware of that, but it’s true nonetheless. Are we really expecting to find someone who can replace him for the kind of money we’ll get for him after all the other stuff is stripped out of the deal? As James has said, we’d be as well to hang onto him for one more year as accept this.

The entire culture of this club is about to undergo a major transformation. Lawwell will be gone; I suspect he’s part of the reason Edouard’s people didn’t sign a contract extension

. I can’t say for sure, but I’d be willing to bet the terms on offer would have been derisory.

With that in mind, it’s not even inconceivable that we could hang onto Eddie for another 12 months and during that time get him to sign an extension to his deal which allows us to sell him for a better fee … the risk is worth the reward, and especially when you consider that the alternative is being pushed around like an 8 stone weakling.

This club is so backward at this moment, so utterly clueless in every respect, that you wonder just how the men at the top of it ever built their reputations for knowing what they are doing.

If we sell our best footballer for that kind of money the vultures are going to swoop in on us.

You can forget getting value for Christie and Ajer; we’ll get chump change for them as well.

Act strongly now and we’ve got a shot at getting out of this in one piece.

Show weakness and we’re going to be walked all over by every club that can take a bite out of us.

The Rumour Guy is a very pissed off Celtic fan from Glasgow.

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