Rumours About A Possible Manager Gather Pace, But Celtic Fans Won’t Be Impressed.

Image for Rumours About A Possible Manager Gather Pace, But Celtic Fans Won’t Be Impressed.

The rumour mill is buzzing with two names.

They are not ones most fans will like.

The first is ex-Chelsea player and boss Frank Lampard. The bling appointment. The “Old Firm Inc.” option.

The second is Roy Keane. God help us all.

How credible are these?

At least one journalist says Lampard has been spotted with Celtic directors. If that’s true, then it’s more than a rumour and it’s seriously being considered as an option. As I’ve said, earlier, the signs are that we’re nowhere near an appointment … but this is the sort of one you’d want to keep quiet for as long as possible anyway.

Of all the realistic options, this is the sort I fear most.

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Like with Keane, who will likely be commentating on Euro 2021, I worry that the seduction of a famous name rather than a managerial pedigree will prove too much for the board to resist. It’s a terrifying possibility.

To judge how a manager might do things you have to look, in part, at how a club plays when his replacement is instilled in the place.

Chelsea had their guy in from almost the moment Lampard left; that’s how big clubs do it, they don’t hesitate.

They had Tuchel identified in advance and were ready to drop the hammer the minute Lampard had cleaned out his desk.

Are Chelsea better off for it?

You’re damned right they are, and you can see it in everything they do.

In the swagger of the players.

In the new style of football.

In the way they play and in the results they are getting. Chelsea fans are openly thrilled … many of them have jokingly asked the club on social media to re-hire Lampard so they can sack him again.

And this was a club icon.

This was their Gerrard.

They are delighted he’s gone and overjoyed that the team has so obviously improved since his departure.

Keane, we can’t even properly judge as a manager because it’s been ten years since he ran a team.

Our board cannot really be considering this can they? Because I’d rather they took more weeks than to hit us all with something like this, something that will have us wondering what the Hell the priorities are.

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