Scottish Hack Thinks Celtic Will Wait TWO MONTHS To Appoint A Manager.

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One of the more unbelievable stories of today is about a discussion that was had on The Huddle Podcast between the show hosts and the “veteran journalist” – read two-bob hack – Derek McGregor of the backside wiping tabloid The Sun.

McGregor, speaking – one can only pray – with no actual knowledge whatsoever, said that he believes Celtic will delay the appointments of a director of football and the manager until 1 June, when Peter Lawwell departs and the new man Dominic McKay steps into his role.

Ha! Let me enlighten Mr McGregor, and the Celtic board, just in case anyone actually believes this outright rot; the countdown timer at the bottom of this piece has dropped below 100 days.

If anyone at Celtic Park believes fans will buy season tickets if this fiasco is still without resolution by the time it gets to 80, 70, 60 or, God forbid, 50 … well they are quite mad.

On 1 June that clock will be at twenty days left to go … and if we’re still without a manager at that point the fans will be tearing down the stadium brick by brick.

Bear in mind, that clock measures the time until the date of the qualifying round in which we start in the Champions League … there will be registration deadlines before then, and the team will need to be well prepared far in advance of it or we’re playing with fire and certain to get burned.

The idea that we would that long is beyond stupid.

Does McGregor actually believe that? Does he think even this board could be reckless and so disengaged from reality that they would wait until the managers who are currently available no longer are, until the transfers of key players out of the club are already done, and with a full squad to rebuild … and all in the space of a fortnight?

It is absolutely unthinkable. That there are people in newsrooms across the country, getting paid for their alleged knowledge of the sport, who can’t even look at a calendar and work this stuff out is frankly shocking.

But the thing is, there is a belief in those rooms now that Celtic really is blindly stumbling through the dark here, with no plan at all.

The club can nip this nonsense in the bud by making an announcement and right quick, and they need to do that soon because the uncertainty is the worst of it and they aren’t going to sell season tickets on the basis of “wait and see.”

Fans fell for that once before, and got Neil Lennon.

That disgraceful appointment and all its many consequences has made fans wary of blind faith. There need to be answers before they ask people for money, or they’re going to have big problems.

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