Senior Celtic Figures Don’t Think That A Manager Will Be Arriving Soon.

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At the weekend, someone posed an internet query to our excellent Supporter Liaison Officer John Paul Taylor asking if there any signs of life in the manager department.

John Paul has heard nothing, which means that either nothing is imminent or people inside Parkhead are keeping this one very close hold.

At the same time, reports suggest that Brown is going to leave for Aberdeen, in part because he doesn’t want to wait around any longer to know what his future holds.

John Paul Taylor doesn’t think an appointment is coming soon, and neither does the club captain.

John Paul has to deal with the fans every day; he’s not responsible for this mess.

Brown, on the other hand, has an opportunity to consider and although Celtic has asked him to extend his contract he is not out of line for wondering if that’s a waste of his time.

He’s wondering that because nobody can give him any assurances otherwise.

If this board really does want Brown to stay, perhaps it should have moved on a manager much quicker than it has?

Because until Brown talks to the incoming boss and knows what his status is going to be, he is simply here on hope.

Hope that the new guy will want him.

What a ridiculous position to put that man in.

What a ridiculous position for the club itself to be in.

We have a Scottish Cup to play for; the captain of this club might seek an early termination of his contract rather than lead us into those games … and all because to do otherwise is to put his career on hold on a wing and a prayer.

That’s shocking.

A lot of our fans believe that Brown is critical to the next year. He gives us continuity. He plays in a position where we have few options and where he’d be expensive to replace. I sympathise with those views but still think he should move on.

But the fact is, this board has dragged its feet to the point where Brown sees signing a one-year deal as a risk.

And that’s a mess that could only have come from the jokers who have dropped us into this shit pile in the first place.

The manifest folly of leaving those same people in charge of this process is obvious. They have wasted a colossal amount of time here and if John Paul and the captain are correct we’re nowhere near an end point for this yet.

Do the people running our club really believe that it’s tenable to put this off for another month or longer?

To wait to see how this season pans out?

What are they expecting?

For us to go on a run, win every game and justify giving it to Kennedy?

That’s not going to happen.

Season ticket sales are up shortly.

Do they really think they can sell those to fans without the slightest assurances?

Without the slightest signs of life?

Without any evidence of a plan?

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Those sales depend on us knowing the name of the man who’s going to be holding our destiny in his hands, otherwise fans are betting that it won’t be a Keane style appointment that sets us back even further.

As far as I’m concerned, we were conned over Lennon.

Fans won’t fall for that again.

There are obviously consequences for us delaying this long.

Brown’s decision to leave, if indeed that’s what he decides, is just the first of them.

That countdown clock ticks away every single day. The new boss has a massive job to do and he’s going to be doing it, if things go on as they are, without a day of watching his own players.

He’s not going to know who’s right for him and who’s not until we actually play games.

Which means next pre-season, when instead of having months to make critical decisions he’ll have weeks.

Players on loan will be back at their clubs.

Others will be in the last year of their contracts, their values dropping with every day that passes.

It’s just not clear if the people “in charge” at Celtic even understand this; Lawwell, right now, is like Trump in his final months in office.

Knowing it’s over, knowing he’s going, knowing his legacy is largely in the toilet, he’s acting like someone who’s no longer interested in doing the job and is just marking time until he can clear his desk out.

Are we wrong to assume that?

Because right now we see no real sign that it’s any other way.

Two key people at our club don’t believe we’re near a decision yet … that’s atrocious considering how long these people have had.

Not even the weeks since Lennon went, but the months before that when everyone knew how this story was going to end.

That might wind up a bigger indictment on these people than the disastrous season so far.

They are torching our chances for next season as well.

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