Sevconia’s Latest Fantasy Is That Celtic Will Deliberately Lose To United On Sunday.

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There is a growing “feeling” on some of the Ibrox fan forums that their club will not go to Celtic Park with a chance to seal the league title on that day. These arrogant sods believe they will take care of St Mirren easily enough; they don’t believe we’ll beat United.

They may even be right about that. Our form is just dire enough that you never know.

But they don’t think it will be down to poor form or United simply being better than us on the day. They believe it will be because we fear them coming to Parkhead to win the league. They think we’d rather they arrived as champions than take our title off us at home.

I really don’t know what planet these goons live on; to me, and I’m sure to many others, the shame will be manifestly greater for us if they arrive as champions than if they come to Parkhead needing a point and manage to get one.

I will be furious if they do win it at Celtic Park, furious with every person at the club who bears the slightest responsibility for this car-crash campaign, but I will disgusted, I will be absolutely appalled, if they’ve won it beforehand and come just to party.

This lot should get an delusions out of their heads; Celtic fans are up for these two matches. We are not living in fear of them, and why should we?

With Lennon at the helm, we went to Ibrox and should have won. At home we should be confident, even with the team playing the way it is. This Ibrox is all hype; not only are they beatable but I think we’re going to prove it by doing it.

Far from being afraid of the prospect of them coming to Parkhead to win the title, I hope they come and put their best foot forward. Because we’re going to ruin the party.

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