Date: 14th March 2021 at 6:28pm
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There is a problem with trying to follow those who have made history in front of you and it’s this; sometimes they set the bar so high that you can only equal their achievement, but never, ever beat it.

Celtic’s unbeaten treble is one of those .

Try as Sevco might, there is no beating that.

They can only to equal it.

They can only hope to be the second side ever to do it, just as Rangers were the second team to win nine in a row.

We are now the only club to have done that twice.

They can try to beat that one, but I don’t fancy their chances.

Likewise, the Treble; even when there was a Rangers at Ibrox, and even when that club had all the wealth the would lend Murray, they never even did a back to back treble far less four of them in a row.

What we did here will stand the test of time.

It is typical of Sevco’s arrogant style that they are already calling themselves Invincibles when they haven’t yet accomplished that in the league and when the very definition of the word has undergone a transformation because of what we did in Rodgers’ first campaign.

The word still retains some of the old magic, and of course it does.

There will forever be an Arsenal team because they went a full league campaign without losing a match, but they are not the true Invincibles because we have rewritten the book on what that term actually means.

A full domestic campaign, leagues and cups, without losing a match … that’s an Invincible now, and nothing less is going to suffice … and Sevco has blown it already whether they win the league unbeaten or not.

It will be a pitiful second prize to what we’ve accomplished … a pale shadow of the real thing.

It’s just like them; to appropriate a title that no longer means anything.

They still have things they cling to; this 55 garbage, built on the lie.

But you know what? I don’t believe a word of this rot being talked by the likes of Sutton and others that we are miles behind them and need to spend a fortune to catch up.

This has been a season of exceptional circumstances, all of which have fallen to their benefit in a quite unbelievable way.

If anyone thinks what’s formed at Ibrox is built to last I have a bridge to sell them.

It’s nonsense talk. My is still on the Green Machine getting to 60 before they get their puffed up, artificial record to the line.

Eventually, we’ll even overtake the lie.

And once that garbage is gone, what do they have left?

Oh, they stopped the ten. Wow. Once again, well done on doing only what we already did.

They may or may not have an unbeaten league campaign to go with it, in this odd year never to be repeated … but Invincible?

Sorry, but that one’s already gone.

That’s the reality, but they’ve never been particularly good at facing up to that.

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