Stunning Celtic Fan Poll Delivers A Devastating Verdict On Kennedy As Boss.

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My friend Paddy Sinat over at Vital Celtic is building quite the website for taking the temperature of the fans.

He’s not been running things over there for long but he has already shown that he puts out great content, with strong messages behind it.

He is running a poll right now on whether or not Kennedy should be considered for the manager’s job.

The number of voters is astonishing.

So too are the results. They do not make good reading for our stand-in boss.

Over 14,000 votes have been cast … and 93% of them – 13,000 plus – do not believe Kennedy should get the job. Translated into season tickets that 13,000 would represent nearly a quarter of the full number.

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And at an average of £500 a pop, that’s £6,500,000 that the club could kiss goodbye to if we brought him in and they decided to vote with their feet.

I’ve seen a lot of polls on the issue of the manager, including some run by national newspapers.

Not one of them has been this conclusive.

What amazed me as much as the number of votes were that 1000 plus – 7% of the total – think he’s earned a shot. They could, of course, be Ibrox fans at the wind up … but that would make the margin against Kennedy even stronger.

You could scarcely get a more complete repudiation. It is a landslide.

Yet something is out of whack here.

Paddy is right to highlight, in his articles on the management job, the incredible fact that Kennedy is still riding high in the bookmaker’s odds … he remains one of the favourites for the gig.

But where is that coming from when so many of the fans are opposed to it?

Where’s the money on Kennedy coming from to justify those prices?

Something is up, but it’s surely not something at Celtic Park.

The online reaction would be venomous.

Season ticket sales would crash to the lowest level in decades.

Fans just wouldn’t swallow this, so the idea would seem to be as dead as it could be.

And yet, the longer this goes on the more you wonder. And worry.

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