Sutton Is A Hypocrite For Calling Out Our Club And Its Players Today.

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Yesterday John Kennedy gave the media the only reason that matters for why the Ibrox club is not getting a guard of honour at Parkhead tomorrow; they denied some of our footballers one and our footballers, as a result, intend to pay them back in the same coin.

Of the reasons that there were – and there were many of them – this was by far the most compelling.

To ask professional footballers, professional athletes, with pride and dignity to stand there and applaud people onto the pitch who hadn’t given them the same courtesy was a non-starter and there aren’t a handful of them who’d have done it.

Chris Sutton is squealing his outrage this morning and even if this isn’t one of those times when his outrage is wholly manufactured for the benefit of his own profile, he is talking bollocks to suggest that it was petty or anything else.

Where he really loses me is with the implication that he’d have been perfectly happy to do it. I don’t believe that for sixty seconds and nobody who’s become familiar with Sutton down through the years would honestly believe it either.

I said the other day when Caldwell was banging on about this that most of the players who claim we should do it would have been dead-set against it had they been in our player’s shoes.

I know for sure that you couldn’t have made Chris Sutton do it at gunpoint.

He would have been one of the loudest dissenters in the dressing room.

To be frank, I couldn’t care less what the likes of Rod Stewart – the latest idiot to weigh in on this – think of the matter. His opinion on this is idiotic, formed from a continent away.

Boris Johnson’s pal has nothing to say on this that I’m interested in.

Sutton is an ex-professional and he knows exactly how he’d have felt had he been part of a Celtic team which was denied this honour. He’d have been damned angry and he wouldn’t have let that go.

This is a guy who spits the dummy out of the pram every time someone on his Saturday sports panel contradicts him on the smallest thing.

All he and others are doing today is virtue signalling.

It’s all about “oh look how big a man I am for being so magnanimous”.

Who exactly are they trying to win over here?

Are they out to make friends amongst the Ibrox illiterati?

Are they doing it to seem more impressive to their south of the border brethren?

The thing is, everyone knows it’s crap.

Our team, our club, has deserved some of the many kicking’s it has taken this season from people like this; on this one though they are bang out of order and if this was just an example of them being stupid I would probably not be all that bothered by it.

It’s a steaming pile of bullshit.

It’s easy to talk about being the “bigger man” when you don’t have to front up and actually do it yourself. If these people are so concerned with what’s right and what’s wrong they should point their ire and frustration where it belongs; at Ibrox.

They set the standard here, and people ought not to be forgetting that.

If this tradition really is as inviolate as some of them suggest, the criticism should be levelled at those who took the decision to cast it into the bin. Kennedy was right yesterday; we are an honourable club which always behaves in an honourable fashion … except when we’re treated with disdain.

Give Ibrox the inch and they take the mile.

Treat them better than they treat everyone else and that’s seen as weakness. Sutton knows that as well, because he’s not actually stupid even if he’s going out of his way this morning to make himself seem that way.

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