The Celtic Board Can’t Just Pick A Manager They Like. We Have To Like Him Too.

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There are some within the environs of Celtic Park who believe that having the final say extends only as far as the boardroom door. Those people need to wise up and smell what’s drifting in the wind tonight.

They might wind up with an even bigger problem on their hands.

There is a reality here which they need to become familiar with before they get run over in the road; it will not be enough for them to go dipping into the managerial bargain bin and come up with a candidate that they like.

Perception is reality now.

If they go the low road, and for the cheap option, that’s how it will be interpreted even if they are convinced they’ve found an unpolished gem.

There are some who might label it unfair, but that’s just too bad so sad.

Had they spent the Rodgers money on a man of Rodgers calibre we wouldn’t be here.

They chose not to.

So whether that money is still there or not, they are going to need to pull that kind of rabbit out of the hat or risk a major season ticket sales backlash. That’s the truth of it.

The confidence amongst the fans has been shattered.

Only a show of force, of strength, only a demonstration of the highest ambition, will rebuild it in time for those tickets going on sale. Kennedy looked out of his depth enough today that the worst may not yet be over; we might well suffer further indignities and disgraces before this season is done.

Without something to look forward to on the horizon, the fans will react with fury to future reversals.

What the fans need is something to believe in for the future, and the board cannot mess about in squandering our remaining time in the hope that their yes-man delivers a miracle.

That’s a forlorn hope as he proved today. They need to get moving.

They need to deliver a name, someone who reunifies the support and lifts the spirits of the whole club. They need to deliver someone who commands instant respect … and who instils a little fear into the swaggering egotists across the city.

Cause otherwise Desmond’s own ego is going to be pricked again and again by the sounds of their laughter.

He risks being remembered as an epochal failure, the only person in history who ever went up against the Glib And Shameless Tax Cheat and lost.

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