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Stephen Glass seems to want to re-create Hibs at Pittodrie and that’s all well and good; he will need people he knows around him if he’s to come close to making a go of it.

He’s clearly not going to make the mistake our previous manager made, wherein he came in to find that his backroom team had been chosen for him.

Glass isn’t just building a backroom team, he’s trying to bring experienced footballers to the club as well. At last, at long last, Aberdeen look as if they want to crawl out from under the bed.

I might not think they’ve chosen the right man, but if he puts the right plan in place he may surprise everyone. Going for Leigh Griffiths seems as obvious as it is impressive.

That remains a rumour at the moment, but let’s be honest it seems smart.

It seems like the kind of thing that a manager with ambition would want to attempt.

There might seem like a certain inevitability about Leigh Griffiths being the next big player to depart our club, but you know what? At a certain point we have to slam on the brakes here and ask “how big do we realistically want this rebuild to be?”

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Because it’s big enough already … and if we’re letting go of the guy who is arguably still our second choice striker – along with the first choice one – we’re just making life hard for ourselves. At some point a little sanity has to enter into this.

He’s out of contract at the end of next season; we have really gotten ourselves into some mess allowing so many footballers to reach this point without doing something about it.

Again, it speaks to the complete lack of forward planning at the club. In a lifetime as a Celtic fan I have never seen such an epic drift towards a bad situation.

The thing is, of all those coming up for the end of their deals, Griffiths is the one who almost certainly would sign a new one without the slightest hesitation. He has previously said that he wants to end his career at Celtic Park, and that will give any new manager pause.

At some point we have to get real … we can’t have three quarters of the squad walk out in one window, and Griffiths is the kind of player who would cost us far more to replace than it would just to keep him at the club until his contract ran down … this is one of those “cost-benefit” equations which, when it comes down to it, is an absolute no-brainer.

This isn’t a scenario – unlike with Ntcham – where you might get a few million for the player from some enterprising club in England; if we let Griffiths go it will be for a nominal fee and that just makes no sense.

Our club does this too frequently and it is absolutely idiotic; we allowed Sinclair to walk for a low-ball fee and then spent the next three years signing expensive loanees and not getting anything like the value for money we were hoping for. It’s just stupid.

There is a certain inevitability about the attempt to get him to join up at Aberdeen … but not about how Celtic responds to this.

This is exactly why we need a new manager in here pronto, so that someone can start taking these damned decisions.

We are wasting time that we simply haven’t got.

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