The Idea That Celtic Players Will Have A Say In Picking The Manager Is Nonsense.

Image for The Idea That Celtic Players Will Have A Say In Picking The Manager Is Nonsense.

The number of idiotic ex-footballers and discredited managers who’s every pronouncement is taken seriously in the media … it’s pretty unbelievable. Is there a competition between these people to see which of them can talk the most nonsense?

I sometimes think there must be.

Today it’s the turn of Alex McLeish to be taken seriously again when he talks obvious garbage; he thinks the Celtic players will get a say in who the next manager will be and it may be that which knocks Keane out of the race.

Much as I will clutch to any straw I can to convince myself it won’t be Keane, I wouldn’t accept, for one second, the players having any role in that decision at all. McLeish shouldn’t either … I know a lot of Scotland players wouldn’t have wanted him as national coach.

Players don’t get to have a say in who their boss is and nor should they.

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It’s a barmy idea and something I’m sure won’t even be considered at Celtic or most other places where’s there is an ounce of common sense in the boardroom.

Footballers have a job to do, and they don’t get asked who they want to work for.

If some of them act unprofessionally by not respecting someone once they are actually in the job that’s something, but you can’t give them a veto beforehand because then they’re running the club instead of the directors and they’ll have no respect for whoever gets it.

Frankly, if Keane is feared by the players enough that they would try to keep him from getting the gig, well to me that would be a selling point rather than a negative and I might be more disposed towards the idea than I currently am.

This is squad that could use a boot in the backside.

McLeish might think he’s got something here, but as per usual this man is talking through the wrong hole.

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