The Italian Media Claims Our Managerless Club Is About To Sign Laxalt.

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There are some transfer rumours which are too mad to resist writing about even if the basic premise of them seems way off base.

One of those stories bleeped on my radar today, as an Italian media outlet claims we’re on the brink of closing a deal for Diego Laxalt.

We don’t yet have a manager, so who in God’s name is conducting negotiations if, indeed, this story is true?

And why Laxalt? Has he really done enough to warrant a deal?

Laxalt is a good player, don’t get me wrong. I said in my piece on the loanees and who might stay that he and Kenny are the most likely candidates. But a permanent deal?

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Even at a bargain basement price? Is he worth that? Has he showed he merits that?

I think most fans were hoping for a different option, if what we were looking to do was a permanent deal. Nevertheless, with a new manager we might see an even better player … and we do know that he’s got the talent.

Yet all this is secondary to the bigger question of just what in the Hell is going on if we’re talking to signings before the critical positions of Director of Football and the manager are yet to be filled?

Fans are not oblivious to the fact that part of Celtic’s problem is people imposing players on managers who don’t want them … this would be a dreadful way to begin a new era.

The story might not even be true of course, or there might already be someone willing to take the job and for whatever reasons they have Celtic just don’t want to announce it yet … these are both, of course, very possible.

But as James has pointed out, this is one of the problems with not doing your business in a timely fashion; rumours sweep the land, unfettered, and cause dissent.

Right now we just look like a club bereft of purpose.

Whatever is going on behind the scenes, deals for the top tier positions need to be tied up fast.

Then, and only then, should we be moving on to trying to bring players in.

The Rumour Guy is a Celtic fan and blogger from Glasgow.

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