The Jullien Story Is Another Example Of The Press Stirring Things Up At Celtic.

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Last night, the media was abuzz with a story linking Christopher Jullien with a move out of Celtic Park in the summer.

The guy isn’t even going to be fit by the time the window opens.

He might not even be fit by the time it shuts.

The idea that he will leave in the summer is preposterous.

That did not stop this story somehow growing arms and legs.

And the story is nonsense. It’s garbage!

Christopher Jullien was asked if he would like a move to Marseille at some point. That was the question.

He answered it by saying that if that time ever comes and he leaves Scotland he won’t necessarily return to France. He also said what every player at Celtic must be thinking right now; there’s no telling what might happen in the summer.

Because, after all, we’re about to bring in a new manager.

No player knows if he has a future at the club. Nobody knows whether they’ll be wanted.

That was the story.

Somehow that was spun into “he refuses to say he’ll stay at Celtic.”

Of course he didn’t! That’s not even going to be his call!

This is typical of the stuff our media gets up to.

It can take anything and twist it into whatever shape it wants, and when it negatively reflects on us all the better. Jullien said a lot more than he was quoted as saying by the hacks and the Scottish tabloids.

He also said he wanted to “win everything” next season at Celtic Park again, calling those expectations “non negotiable.” He’s not talking like a guy who sees his future somewhere … but he was asked the question and he gave an honest answer.

To the media, that’s all it takes.

They can make honest words do dishonest work.

That’s a skill, I suppose, but not one they learned about in journalism school.

They had to wait to get to the newsrooms to acquire that particular “talent.”

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