The Task In Front Of Us Is Clear As Two Critical Games For Celtic Loom.

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The next two games are games we have to win. Pure and simple.

The next two are vital and I don’t want to hear any excuses if we fail to get the job done. This league might be effectively over, but we cannot have the rag-bag mob from Ibrox come to Parkhead or leave Parkhead as champions.

Lennon’s performance in the dugout has put us on the brink and no mistake. Celtic fans using their genting promo code may already have accepted that the Ibrox club winning this title is inevitable, but it cannot be done in the manner in which they want it to be, which is to win it before arriving at our ground or to depart it with our name no longer etched on the trophy as holders.

I sympathise with Kennedy’s position, but in no way does that give him a Get Out Of Jail Free card. He has to win both games. He also, as I said last night, has to deliver on the Scottish Cup.

Do these things and he can write his own ticket away from Parkhead.

Fail and yes, he will be remembered as part of the catastrophe that this campaign has been.

They were lucky tonight. Lucky to win.

Their goal came late enough in the game that I think a lot of the Livingston players – still reeling from losing the cup final at the weekend – were exhausted with the effort required to battle on.

Still, these are the results that do win titles as we know well as we’ve had enough of them ourselves down through the years.

But this is not some majestic club sweeping aside the competition.

They look haggard in recent weeks.

The Celtic players are more than capable of cleaning their clock and retaining some pride.

They simply cannot not deliver on that. It’s important that they show up for business and that Kennedy and his coaches set the team up the right way to get the points.

In the grand scheme of things, it means nothing.

In the moment, in this moment in time, it means a hell of a lot.

Champions do not surrender in this fashion. They fight for everything they have. When we went to Ibrox for the last game ever against Rangers they were seen as a spent force and we only had to show up. They won that day and stopped us doing what the current club is aiming to do here. We cannot allow that. It would be shameful.

And yeah, we were cheated that day as well.

I remember it like it was yesterday, with us playing much of the game with nine men.

That’s not the point.

There is something more than pride at stake; as I’ve said in my article on the Scottish Cup, these remaining games are the Last Word on this campaign, and a chance to demonstrate that Celtic was in a bad place but is finding its way out of it.

That process must start immediately, with six points out of six.

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