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The Witch-Hunt Against Celtic’s Striker Is Forgotten As Mad Dog Gets The Praise.

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If you’ve checked out the papers today, you’ll know that the deification of Alfredo Morelos continues apace; he has been reinvented by the media as a paragon of virtue these last few weeks and we’re all supposed to be applauding him today because last night he went down in the box and didn’t react like a petulant child at not getting the decision.

There are a couple of things that arise from this; first, how come he gets the benefit of all this media doubt whereas Ajeti was subjected to a week-long series of rants about diving?

There was contact in both cases. It’s a penalty kick in both cases.

The witch-hunt against our player was absolutely disgusting.

Celtic should have made a lot more of it than they did. We have been astonishingly weak at protecting ourselves this season, and this of all campaigns where the need for it was obvious.

But no matter what we did, the press would still act as it does. The acres of coverage on Ajeti’s “dive” resulted in his SFA citation, and ultimately Celtic won that. Nobody apologises to Celtic over this stuff, and it’s because nobody at the club fights back.

The second issue that arises from last night is the media’s howling at their favourite club not getting the decision. What a joke that is, when you consider the season they’ve had, a season of nothing but good decisions.

You’ve noticed that every time we’ve won in recent months the press has found a controversy to highlight. As I said previously, they can’t handle us getting anything and they’ve ignored bad One decision goes against Ibrox and they want an inquest.

They have got some cheek to moan about one penalty decision that goes against them; they’ve had more spot kicks than any club in the country. They’ve not had a single one awarded against them.

It is absolutely pathetic that they are bitching about this.

But it’s the coverage of Morelos which grates; his agent is moaning because he says the decision not to give the penalty is because of his clients “reputation.” Probably true, but that reputation has been well earned.

Morelos has a history of diving and being cited for it.

Ajeti never has, but that didn’t stop many in the press from branding him a cheat. Those people in the media included some ex-Celtic players; they should hang their heads in shame for it.

I am so tired of this grossly biased treatment we get.

But until the club itself acts to put a stop to it there’s no way that anything is going to change. That must be a priority for the incoming new CEO. It is high time we levelled the playing field, whatever that takes.

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