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This Celtic Management Team Has Written Off £11 Million Worth Of Talent.

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Today’s decision not even to include to Albian Ajeti in the squad is another grim reminder of how incompetent and dysfunctional the management at Celtic is right now. We’ve either wasted £11 million on two footballers of no ability whatsoever or between Lennon, Kennedy and the rest of the coaching team we’ve wasted them.

Neither is a good answer. Neither is particularly easy to contemplate.

I cannot believe that neither man is a good footballer. Ajeti showed something at Celtic Park before he suddenly went backwards, as so many of our players have. Barkas has never shown a thing and that is almost inexplicable considering what he cost us and the pedigree with which he arrived. It is impossible that neither of them has anything to offer.

These are two examples amongst many of the dreadful waste that this season has wrought. These two signings are so obviously not fancied by the management that real questions arise as to just who it was brought them to the club; I have never been convinced that Lennon was a fan of either player and Kennedy hasn’t given Ajeti a sniff.

Here’s what I’ve never understood about the “strategy” which Lawwell presides over; it doesn’t matter how much he and those under him rate certain players. If he signs them over the head of a manager who doesn’t fancy them then nobody can compel that manager to play them.

Time and time again we’ve seen players foisted on our coaches only for our coaches to completely over-rule those who have bought them.

What’s the point in this? Who benefits from it? It’s the reason we have a squad over-bloated in some areas and dreadfully lacking in others. Lennon made it plain that he didn’t want either player and it seems that his coaches agreed … this is evidence of a complete breakdown in communication at the very top of the club, a complete absence of joined up thinking that has cost us £11 million in transfer fees and God knows what else besides.

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We simply cannot continue like this, and if the new CEO knows his job and the boundaries of it, if he trusts the football department and leaves them to do their thing, and if that football department works in unison and not at cross purposes, then we might not have to.

But the dysfunctionality of our club was laid bare today by that inexplicable decision. The coaching team has basically told Hammond and Lawwell that their choices were ridiculous, and a waste of time and money. That should spell the end at Celtic for more than just Kennedy and his guys.

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