Two Top Candidates For Celtic Park Job Want It. The Board Can’t Go For Lesser Men.

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Earlier I talked about how the press corps and especially the ex-Celtic players within it have proposed some truly horrendous names for the manager’s job. There are a few stinking names in the list of potential directors of football as well.

But amidst the horrors are three which the fans would find broadly acceptable; Fergal Harkin, David Webb and Juventus’ Matteo Tognozzi. All three have experience in similar roles.

All three have a detailed knowledge of player development and know the European market, although there’s no real guarantee we’ll be able to shop there as before.

But Webb and Harkin know England too, and they are individuals who come highly recommended.

Webb has held jobs at a number of top clubs, as has the Italian, and Harkin is trusted by one of the most sophisticated football operations in the world.

Harkin has never publicly expressed a view one way or the other but it’s assumed that he would take the job on because Desmond has a good relationship with him.

Both Webb and Tognozzi, on the other hand, have said that it’s a job they would want and both are more than keen to discuss it with Celtic.

I like both of them, for different reasons.

If I had to choose between them I’d take Webb, because he’s done a job more similar to what we’re looking for.

Indeed, I’d take Webb over Harkin as well.

He’d be my number one pick, and especially as he’s had a prior working relationship with Eddie Howe who’s obviously one of the guys many fans would like to see in the Celtic Park dugout as manager.

The public declarations these guys have made are interesting, and they put the board in one Hell of a position.

If candidates of this quality have said they would talk with us it makes it very difficult indeed for the board to take some ridiculous punt or bring in some yes-man option.

Fans will simply not accept either of those things when men as qualified as these are in the frame.

To appoint a John Collins now, or someone equally uninspiring, would cast a dark shadow on the whole of this process. It would raise the most serious questions about the basis on which the hunt for the next manager is being conducted. We cannot afford that.

It is vitally important that we get this decision right; we are, indeed, fortunate that in spite of the hopes of our enemies and, it’s fair to say, the expectations of some of our so-called friends, that the name Celtic still rings out, that it still retains its power, that we are still viewed with sufficient strength and seriousness that men of accomplishment and talent want to work inside our walls.

In spite of our setbacks, we are still perceived to be what we, as fans, know that we are; a massive, global, institution which simply needs some new thinking and leadership.

There is no excuse for us not appointing someone special.

At least two such men have now publicly expressed their desire to be interviewed.

What a scandal it would be if some lesser man got the job instead.

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