Veteran Hack Claims That Celtic Have Spoken To Eddie Howe.

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According to my friend Paddy Sinat over on Vital Celtic, Hugh Keevins claimed the other night on Radio Clyde that Celtic has spoken to Eddie Howe.

If Keevins is correct – and he might be a dreadful writer and bad commentator, but I know he still knows folk the length and breadth of the sport and will have info few of us are privy to – then this is a positive sign.

Howe is not everyone’s cup of tea, as I’m well aware.

But then, neither was Brendan when he took over as a manager who had “yet to win anything.”

Howe is responsible for the Miracle of Bournemouth who he took from the bottom club in the professional ranks all the way to the top; this is a guy who has proved that he can level up.

Having discussed Howe previously, I would also point out again that one of Director of Football candidates, David Webb, who we’ve also alleged talked to already, worked with Howe at that club.

The feeling is growing, and especially with the Manchester City connection, which I wrote about earlier, that we are looking at some kind of partnership.

It makes sense to have two guys who have worked together at the top of the house, whether that’s in the Director of Football and the manager or with the manager and his assistant.

All these folk have to get on, as their relationships will be the most important at the club.

So building a team where the members all have some knowledge of each other would be a fine strategy for us to pursue, especially if we get the names at the top right.

Webb and Howe would definitely be a team capable of doing great things, and with their detailed knowledge of the English game we would be in a good position to emerge strongly into the post-Brexit transfer market, which will be critical to our future success.

Howe has spent a good number of years at one club.

He knows how to build strong foundations and make something that lasts.

At Bournemouth, once he reached the EPL, there was little else to do but survive; at Celtic he can build a dynasty based on success, on winning things, and even though there isn’t a ten in a row to chase now, a manager who won titles and trophies and restored our standing in Europe would be a club legend and no mistake.

I am hoping that for once Keevins has his facts right, because Howe is one of the best of the candidates for this job. Not only is he a very decent manager in his own right, but after Martinez, Benitez and Howe the options mentioned so far become grimmer and grimmer the further away you move from the kind of model the club needs to work from.

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